“Gravity is Love and Every Turn is a Leap of Faith” 

      Warren Miller


Welcome to NWSkibum.com!  This is our family blog dedicated towards sharing our joy and passion of skiing, hiking, camping, and anything outdoors in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

My Journey To Becoming A Ski Instructor

On my first day of skiing, if you told me that in just 5 short years I would not only (in my opinion) be a very good skier, but also teaching the magical sport on the same snow I was on then, I would have laughed you off and promptly fallen over into the snow.

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What Do You Want to Do with Your Life

Growing up, I was a big fan of the rock group, Twisted Sister.  My childhood was not rough, compared to some of my friends, but back then I had nothing to compare my life to, so there were many parts of my childhood that I desperately wanted to change (i.e. school,...

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Paradise Park Mini Story

“How far do you think we should go?” I asked my dad. “I’m not sure,” he replied. “Maybe an hour more?” “Sure,” I said. Then, we rounded the corner of the trail. What I saw was like a picture! To my right, I could see Portland and the valley. To my left, I had a huge...

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Paradise Park Discovered – Day One

For a skier, the end of ski season always comes with a feeling of letdown.  Knowing that you won’t be able to ski for another six to seven months leaves you with a feeling of loss and sadness.  But… in the Pacific Northwest, that aching feeling of leaving behind...

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Flying The Alaska Highway- An Alaska Story

The following is a story from Guest Author Tony Turinsky who is a true Alaskan Pioneer and Bush Pilot. More articles by him can be found at .www.TonyTurinsky.com.   It was getting cold in Anchorage when my phone jumped to life. The weather on the other end of the...

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Mt Hood from Trillium Lake

Discover the Beauty of the Pacific nw

Sunset Over Mt Hood Summit From Lost Creek in Paradise Park
Majestic Mount Hood, in all it’s glory.  I am proud to have grown up on Mt. Hood, my home mountain. From it’s world class, year round alpine skiing, spectacular cross country, snow shoe and snow machine trails, adrenaline packed mountain climbing, it’s rich history with Historic Timberline Lodge and Government Camp and a plethora of summer time activities including hiking, mountain climbing, camping and mountain biking, Mt. Hood is truely a one of a kind mountain.
Palmer Snow Fields - Timberline Lodge - Mt Hood, Oregon

Palmer Snow Fields and Lift which allows Timberline to be the only US ski resort that is open year round.

View from Trillium Lake Looking at Mt Hood at Night with Lights from Timberline Lodge - Photo By Dan Hawk

A view of Mount Hood from Trillium Lake Campground with the night skiing lights of Timberline Ski Resort.

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