“Gravity is Love and Every Turn is a Leap of Faith” 

      Warren Miller


Welcome to NWSkibum.com!  This is our family blog dedicated towards sharing our joy and passion of skiing, hiking, camping, and anything outdoors in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

Spring Skiing At It’s Finest

Some of the best ski days of the season are in the spring.  No crowds, sunny weather and the need to ski your brains out because you know the ski season is soon coming to an end.  After parking the truck this morning right up near the lodge, I stepped out to a 29...

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First Rule of Skiing – Falling is Good

Falling and learning how to fall, are two of the most important activities while learning how to ski.  While most kids (and adults) typically base the success of their day skiing by the number of times they fall, i.e. the lower the number the better, I focus on the...

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Cascade Ski Club – Our Little Slice of Heaven

Headed home from the mountain after a long day of the best sport in the world, skiing! Tired and don’t want to drive home? You aren’t alone. But wait! There’s an answer! Cascade Ski Club, of course! What is CSC, you ask? Well, it’s our local before and après ski lodge, a skier’s dream!

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The Fairy Tales Are True! Peter Pan Is a Skier

In The Words of Peter Pan, To Ski Is An Awfully Big Adventure. As skiers, we crave the adrenaline rush and the wind blowing our faces. We crave being free and not tied to the ball and chain of society’s norms. We crave being so utterly consumed by skiing that we forget our problems and just live exactly in the moment.

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Mt Hood from Trillium Lake

Discover the Beauty of the Pacific nw

Sunset Over Mt Hood Summit From Lost Creek in Paradise Park
Majestic Mount Hood, in all it’s glory.  I am proud to have grown up on Mt. Hood, my home mountain. From it’s world class, year round alpine skiing, spectacular cross country, snow shoe and snow machine trails, adrenaline packed mountain climbing, it’s rich history with Historic Timberline Lodge and Government Camp and a plethora of summer time activities including hiking, mountain climbing, camping and mountain biking, Mt. Hood is truely a one of a kind mountain.
Palmer Snow Fields - Timberline Lodge - Mt Hood, Oregon

Palmer Snow Fields and Lift which allows Timberline to be the only US ski resort that is open year round.

View from Trillium Lake Looking at Mt Hood at Night with Lights from Timberline Lodge - Photo By Dan Hawk

A view of Mount Hood from Trillium Lake Campground with the night skiing lights of Timberline Ski Resort.

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